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      We’ll aim to deliver your order within 4-6 weeks.

      If you’ve ordered new tooling, please contact us for an estimated timeframe.

      Although we are not ISO approved, we run our own extensive and thorough QA system which satisfies all our customers even those who follow ISO.

      Operating our own QA system allows us to maintain competitive prices – keeping out costs down and giving you the best possible price compared to other providers.

      We’re also audited on a regular basis to ensure our high-standard of quality.






      we would ask to see the client process after we have signed a NDA

      we would advise if there products are suitable on our machines.

      we are one of the only companies in the world that can offer our customers a number of options

      1 – development project

      take the project and program and run on one of our auto machines. We understand that to move to an auto machine is a big investment so once we have on our machines it proves to the customer that we can produce, give cycle times & quality. The customer can also visit to see the machine producing the parts or we send videos and samples. the customer has all the information to make the decision on the large investment for us to produce a fully automated machine for them.

      2- at this stage it gives the customer a second source subject to cost of producing the part.

      3- Customer orders the auto lathe. If the order is placed we take the cost of all the development off the price of machine.