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      Increased popularity and interest in our automated lathes has led us to develop our factory in the United Kingdom. A new floor has recently been built dedicated solely to our auto lathes. Here we have a number of machines, all of which have been built in house, manufacturing various products for our clients.

      These machines are of the highest quality and use state of the art technology enabling us to make the process semi or full automated. The quality these machines produce has led to fantastic reports from our clients and forced us to expand the business.

      We work with our clients in the following ways with these machines:

      We quote a price for your part / product to be programmed into our machine and samples produced. This enables you to see the quality and also the cycle times.

      On approval of samples we quote you a price for us producing the product on our lathes.

      We quote a price for supplying a fully auto lathe that can produce your parts.

      Machines Dept
      Machines dept
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      Download Moores Auto Lathes Product Brochure below: