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      Tips Packaging & Exporting Glass Around the World

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      Glass is used all around the world and has been for many centuries.

      From windows to television screens and beyond, everywhere you look there is this versatile material.

      But how does this glass get there?

      Well, glass manufacturers such as Moore’s Glassworks have packed and sent products for many years, and we know a thing or two about how to do this safely.

      We regularly ship to customers across Europe, in America, and beyond, and here are ten tips to help you do the same.

      Let’s take a look.

      10 Tips for Exporting Glass Products

      If you are looking to ship your glass products to your customers, then here are ten important hints and tips to help.

      1. Choose the Right Packing Material

      One of the key elements of a safe delivery is choosing the right packaging material.

      You should always be sending your glass items in a substance that is sturdy and shock-resistant. This will mean it is able to withstand the rigours of long-haul delivery without any damage occurring to the contents within.

      Some great materials to use are corrugated cardboard, foam, and bubble wrap to make sure every item is individually protected.

      Which brings me nicely onto my next topic.

      2. Wrap Each Product Individually

      When you are packing your items, it can be tempting to save time and money by wrapping your products together.

      This isn’t ideal for glass products though, as if you allow your items to bang together and rub against each other then you will find that they may end up being cracked or scratched.

      Try and wrap each product in the aforementioned items to make sure they don’t connect with each other in transit, or buy a container which you can stack them in securely to avoid any excess movement.

      3. Secure the Products in Packaging

      Speaking of making sure your products are secure, double-checking each item to make sure that is carefully wrapped in your packaging material and secured with tape is vital.

      The last thing you want is for your package to reach its customer and for the items inside to be damaged, and the best way to avoid this is to make sure there is limited movement.

      Securing them tightly is key to always having successful deliveries, so don’t be afraid to spend some time on this step and make sure you’re getting it just right.

      4. Make the Label Clear

      If you don’t label your items carefully and clearly, then it may not reach your customer at all.

      Adding the address and name of your customer is always needed, but it’s also wise to add some information on the products inside the package on the label just in case anyone needs to check it along the way.

      It’s also a good idea to label the package and let all handlers and customers know that the contents inside are fragile so it is best to handle with care.

      This can be the difference between cracked items and products that are in one piece, so again, don’t take any second measures when it comes to this step.

      fragile packaging

      5. Choose a Reliable Shipping Company

      When choosing shipping companies to help you export your products, it can be hard to not just focus on price. This may be a good tactic for some industries, but when it comes to glass products, you need a reliable shipping company that can ensure your products get to their destination in one piece.

      Look for a shipping company that has experience in handling fragile and valuable items, and can provide some assurances that will help yours, and the customer’s, peace of mind.

      If they can also provide other features such as tracking then even better but safety is paramount here, so if you have to pay a little more to get a company you really trust, then it’s certainly not a waste of money.

      6. Check All Export Regulations

      If you’re shipping your products all around the world, then you will soon realise that different countries have different rules and regulations.

      When you are shipping to a country, you must assess all of the regulations that you will have to adhere to, as some may be out of the ordinary and may leave your delivery delayed if you don’t have the right forms and permits.

      Spend a bit of time looking into each country that you deliver to and make a note of the rules that apply to this location. It’s always a good idea to note this down in case of repeat orders.

      7. Use Corner Protectors

      One of the points of a package that is most likely to get damaged in transit is the corners.

      Corner protectors are an item that is always worth investing in. These can be made from plastic, foam, or cardboard and can be used to add another layer of strength to any points that are susceptible to damage.

      You always want to fit as many items into one delivery as you can, but it can be worrying placing some in the corner, but with corner protectors you’re getting a good bit of protection that will help to get everything there in working condition.

      8. Provide Clear Instructions

      Glass products need to be handled differently compared to many other materials.

      You must remember that your shipping company may not be aware of what is in the box, so you must provide clear instructions to the handlers to make sure they treat it with the care it needs.

      This can include instructions on how to lift the box (which why up for example) and also instructions on how to move the package, including warnings about fragile content.

      If you give your delivery driver all of the instructions they need to get your parcel their unscathed, then it’s a big help for you, the customer, and the handler.

      9. Provide Insurance Coverage if Needed

      If you are shipping expensive glass products, then it’s always a good idea to have some insurance cover just in case things do go amiss.

      This will help to protect against loss or damage during the delivery process.

      There are several ways you can attain this, including seeking it out yourself and purchasing it, or going through your delivery company who should be able to provide this to you also.

      Insurance may sometimes feel like an unnecessary expense, but when something goes wrong it will be worth every penny, so it’s definitely worth thinking about for the larger, and more costly parcels.

      10. Consider Custom Packaging

      If you ship unique or irregularly shaped glass products, then you may need to use custom packaging to ensure that all items have sufficient protection during the shipping process.

      This can include everything from different shaped boxes and specialised crates to custom foam inserts to hold each product in place.

      At Moore’s Glassworks, we have a set range of products including cathode ray tubes and vacuum viewports that are available in custom sizes, so being able to provide packaging that is the right size to get our items to the customer in one piece is very important.

      Moore’s Glassworks: Exporting Glass Worldwide for Decades

      Our team have customers from all around the world, and over the many years of our service we have become experts in packing and shipping glass products in a safe way.

      If you are based in the UK, or elsewhere, and you’re looking for high quality glass products delivered safely to your location, then get in touch with Moore’s Glassworks today.

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