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      The Benefits of Buying Bespoke Products from Custom Glass Manufacturers

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      Glass can be used in a wide variety of settings.

      Whether protecting our eyes from the sun, or allowing us to magnify objects, there are thousands of uses of glass, which is why it is one of the most manufactured products in the world.

      In fact, the glass manufacturing market is worth over 250 billion dollars, and this figure is estimated to double over the next decade.

      There are many different types of glass manufacturer, and here at Moore’s Glassworks, we fall into the custom bracket.

      This means that we make products that are bespoke to our customers, and while we have a set list of items that we regularly produce, we do so in different sizes and with different characteristics as per our customer’s requirement.

      But how can working with a custom glass manufacturer benefit you?

      Let’s take a look.

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      7 Benefits of Working with a Custom Glass Manufacturer

      Perfect Fit for Your Needs

      Custom glass products are designed to meet your unique needs and requirements.

      Whether you are looking for an item to perform a certain function or have a certain fit, a custom manufacturer will listen to the brief and create a product that is just right for you.

      Some of the products we produce, such as vacuum viewports, need to be sealed and have a tight fit to function properly, so using a manufacturer who can deliver on the right measurements and make a product just right for the job at hand is vital.

      Enhanced Functionality

      No matter what the application for your item, it will be designed with maximum functionality in mind.

      Whether you would like something that helps to improve energy efficiency, or light and sound insulation, or even to boost the safety for the people using it, this can be provided with a custom order.

      Not only that, but the type of glass used, and the design of the product will always be done with strength, durability, and functionality in mind, meaning you are guaranteed a product ready to work for you in the best way possible.

      Greater Flexibility

      By working with a custom glass manufacturer, you get much more flexibility in how you would like your product to be designed.

      Whether you need something that is large or small, thick or thin, round or square, the role of a custom manufacturer is to listen to your specific requirements and create the product that you need.

      This versatility is one of the key reasons many people use this type of glass manufacturer when wanting products in different sizes and styles and that will fit perfectly into the appliance they are looking to use it with.

      Increased Safety

      When developing products that are to be used in industries such as science, medicine, and the military, the safety and security of your products must always be at the forefront of your mind.

      Many of our products are used in high pressure situations, and often come under huge strain due to excess light or heat for example.

      Custom glass products can be used for many different reasons, and a manufacturer will have this in mind when building it, making sure all of the materials and techniques being used will provide maximum durability and make sure it has all the features to carry out its requirements safely.


      While a custom glass product may be more expensive to be manufactured initially, they can be cost-effective in the long run.

      This is because what you are getting is a product that is built to last and that has been created using tough and durable materials.

      Not only that, but the product will be the perfect fit for your job, and this tailored design should further boost the functionality and stop you needing to purchase a different product later down the line.

      High-Quality Craftmanship

      Custom glass manufacturers are highly skilled in creating glass products that are made to fit and built to last.

      Here at Moore’s Glassworks, our glassblowers are highly skilled, and we also have the use of auto-lathes to make producing large amounts of identical products efficient and simple.

      We also put all of our products through a rigorous quality control test, ensuring that nothing is exported that isn’t up to scratch.

      Every good custom glass manufacturer will have a well trained and professional team taking care of every order and ensuring that every product is of the right dimension, quality, and is ready to perform the function is being built to do.

      Unique to You

      The final benefit of working with a custom glass manufacturer is that you are getting a product that has been made solely for you.

      What this means is that whatever your need is for the product in question, the manufacturers will aim to produce something that is just right for you.

      This means that what you are left with is a bespoke product that is unique to your needs and requirements.

      This can have many benefits, including increasing the price of the appliance it is being used on, to providing extra safety and security measures, as mentioned earlier.

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      Custom Glass Manufacturing with Moore’s Glassworks

      If you’re looking to work with a custom glass manufacturer to produce products for you, then why not check out what we can do for you today.

      We produce a wide range of products in various dimensions and always ensure that every item that leaves us is in the best condition and of the highest quality that it can be.

      Want to know more? Then get in touch today.

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