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      The Importance of Quality Control in the Glass Manufacturing Process

      quality control
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      At Moore’s Glassworks, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality products of all shapes and sizes, and have done for over fifty years.

      From the early days of creating products aimed at an audience of medical and surgical professionals such as test tubes and chemistry sets, to the more specialist items we make today, we have always stuck to a strict quality control procedure before shipping to the customer.

      Our products are now used in many different industries, including the military and some medical and scientific businesses.

      From cathode ray tubes and glass condom moulds, to vacuum viewports and multi-pin bases, we manufacture a wide range of glasswork, and this involves a meticulous approach to what we do.

      Having a strict quality control procedure is vital in our industry, and we don’t take any second measures.

      Here’s how it works.

      Moore’s Glassworks Quality Control 

      We have a team of quality control experts who check every product we make before sending it to the client.

      This is to make sure that there are no defects with the product and that all measurements and dimensions are exactly what was asked for.

      This is a hugely important part of our process and plays a key role in the production of our products.

      We do use auto-lathes, but a lot of our work is still done by experienced and professional glassblowers.

      While every member of our team is a highly skilled glass engineer, there is still the human factor and mistakes can be made.

      In these instances, having a team checking before any product is sent out helps to eliminate issues causing bigger problems.

      For more information on this, why not visit our dedicated quality control page.

      Why is Quality Control so Important in Glass Manufacturing? 

      There are many reasons quality control is so important.

      Firstly, a product that isn’t fit for purpose could lead to issues, including causing harm to the equipment and people that are using it.

      It is also vital to check that products are uniform when needed to be. At Moore’s Glassworks, we often receive orders of batch products that need to look exactly the same and have the exact same dimensions.

      If there are errors in the manufacturing, these need to be spotted and rectified before shipping.

      And finally, quality control is vital in maintaining a high reputation and making sure we always supply our customers with the exact product they asked for, in the best condition possible.

      Quality Control

      Quality control at Moore’s Glassworks

      The Benefits of Quality Control

      Keep Our Customers Pleased

      We have a loyal customer base, and we love making glassware products for them.

      Through quality control, we make certain that every time our customers receive a product, it is in the best condition possible.

      This means we can maintain a strong relationship with our clients and ensures they keep coming back to use us for their glass manufacturing again and again, safe in the knowledge they will receive a high-standard product.

      Maintain our Positive Brand

      Every business relies on having a good reputation.

      At Moore’s Glassworks, we have worked in the glass manufacturing business for over 50 years. In this time, we have continuously made products that are fit for purpose and exactly fit the brief given to us by the customer.

      Through our quality control checks, we ensure that we never let a defected or poor-quality product slip through the cracks, and this helps us to maintain our reputation as a good and consistent manufacturer of glass products.

      Gain New Business

      Through providing great products, we gain a lot of business from being referred from previous customers.

      This is another major benefit of our comprehensive quality control.

      As we build our reputation, more and more people begin to trust our business to create great products, and this is all aided by checking every product and making sure every order we ship is in the right condition.

      Make Sure All Products are Safe 

      The main reason we carry out quality control checks is not in a bid to gain new business, but to make sure everything we manufacture is safe to use.

      As mentioned above, our products are used in many different industries and must be precise dimensions in order to work to their proper capacity.

      We consider our control process of being of huge importance and only when we know that a product is safe to use in its intended environment will it leave the warehouse.

      Continuing to Innovate

      Quality control covers much more than just the moment the product is checked.

      It also involves years of research and innovation in how to make our products the best they can be for the job they are being created to do.

      Our products are placed in a variety of environments and are often exposed to ultraviolet rays, and elements which could lead to corrosion, alongside many other different environments.

      Through our decades of scientific work, we continue to adapt our products and are always on the forefront of the latest changes in the glass manufacturing industry to ensure our products are at their best.

      Moore’s Glassworks 

      If you’re looking for precise, high-quality glass manufacturing, then get in touch with Moore’s Glassworks today.

      We offer a range of products for a range of professions and can adapt our services to create the exact bespoke product you need.

      With Moore’s, you are sure to get a product that is high quality.


      Because no product that leaves our warehouse hasn’t gone through the strict quality control procedure detailed in this blog and we’re sure it’s up to the job.

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