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      What Are Multi-Pin Headers?

      Multi Pin
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      We are a specialist company that custom manufactures industrial glass and glass-to-metal products that are vital to many medical and industrial applications. We use cutting-edge manufacturing processes that will ensure your product meets your exact criteria.

      We produce our multi-pin bases and headers using either lead or Kodial glass (Schott 8250) to deliver the best possible performance no matter how they will be used. We make our multi-pin-headers to fit your individual specifications.

      As a world-leading manufacturer of custom glass products for over 40 years, which are unique for their quality and performance, we are able to produce top-quality multi-pin-headers that will deliver outstanding performance.

      What is a multi-pin header?

      Pin headers are a type of electrical connector usually made up of rows of pins that are moulded into a base and can be manufactured in many different pin spacings. There are male and female pin headers, but they can come under various names, such as Berg connectors etc.

      Multiple pin headers have been used for years in vacuum tubes within communications equipment and computers. The early products were made using nickel-iron pins and steel bodies, but these days are made using more robust, reliable and efficient materials that deliver outstanding performance in a wide variety of environments.

      These essential components have been designed for use within high-precision medical, scientific and industrial equipment, such as semiconductors and surgical tools and equipment. They are mainly used to transmit signals between modules and components with gas sealing requirements, such as electron tubes.

      Our multi-pin headers are produced in either lead or Kodial glass (Schott 8250) and are well known throughout the industry for their robustness, high performance and longevity.

      Our multi-pin-headers are used in a wide range of electron tubes such as photomultiplier, cathode ray, hollow cathode lamps, medical diagnostic equipment, anode and cathode connectors for X-rays, implantable feed-throughs, equipment pin base assemblies, filament supports, Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) connections, and more.

      Multi-Pin Headers

      Multi-Pin Headers

      All of our products are inspected before dispatch and come with our record of proven reliability and high performance.

      Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Moore’s Glassworks for more information and to discuss your needs. Or if you want to know about our work, why not visit our dedicated multi-pin headers page here?


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