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      The Importance of Vacuum Viewports

      Vacuum Viewports
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      One of our most popular products here are Moore’s Glassworks is the vacuum viewport.

      If you don’t know what this is, then why not check out our guide to vacuum viewports where we run through the product and it’s many uses.

      While this may not be a commonly known item, it has major importance across many different settings as a way of gaining visual access to a vacuum chamber. A viewport has to be safe and able to withstand heavy pressure, and well as providing clear vision into the chamber.

      In this blog, we plan to delve a little deeper into where vacuum viewports are used, and the importance of high-quality products that are fit for the job at hand.

      Let’s take a look.

      Viewport Background

      6 Reasons Why Vacuum Viewports Are so Important?

      There are many reasons vacuum viewports are such an important product, and here are six key ones.

      They Give Visual and Optical Access

      Let’s start at the beginning, and the main use of a vacuum viewport is to provide a window into a controlled vacuum environment. This is often essential, as these windows make sure the inside of the chamber is kept in the right environment for it’s task, but also allow people to see in and to be able to adjust what is going on inside.

      Because the viewport provides optical access, you can perform actions such as transmitting signals, taking measurements, and capturing data.

      Many viewports contain a specialist coating which makes transmitting light and gaining accurate data from the outside of a chamber possible, which can be a big help when conducting scientific research and other processes that take place in a vacuum controlled environment.

      Maintain the Vacuum Environment

      A vacuum environment is a space where all the air and other gases have been removed.

      This is the ideal environment for many scientific processes, but maintaining the integrity of the vacuum can be tricky. It is vital that all barriers between the vacuum and the outside environment are tight as any leaks will allow air to get in and could lead to the process failing.

      If you are performing a vacuum-controlled experiment, then any contamination will make your results wrong and could end up costing you time and money.

      This is why it is so important to get a vacuum viewport that is high quality and the right size for your equipment. Working with a custom glass manufacturer is ideal here as you can specify the exact dimensions needed and ensure you get a product that fits tightly and can form a tight seal.

      Able to Withstand High Pressure

      One thing that can cause issues with a vacuum chamber is the different levels of pressure.

      Vacuums can be high pressure environments, which is why they’re often used to conduct experiments that require this.

      A vacuum viewport provides a sealed interface that is the window between these high pressure areas and the outside world. The viewport must be made to be durable enough to handle this pressure imbalance and not crack or wilt under the strain.

      These highly capable viewports are necessary to ensure that the perfect pressure environment is kept throughout the experiment and beyond.

      Efficient at Controlling the Temperature

      Another key difference that can occur inside a vacuum chamber compared to the outside world is temperature.

      For many experiments, the temperature has to be highly regulated and may need to be a specific figure to make sure things are conducted correctly.

      Your viewport should incorporate many thermal management features in the glass and beyond, which allows it to cope with the outside temperature being so different to the one inside the chamber. It should also be thick enough to stop heat transfer, which could cause the temperature inside and outside of the chamber to change dramatically and cause issues.

      If you are dealing with sensitive items inside the chamber, this change in temperature could cause it to break and for the experiment to fail which can cost your business time and money.

      Make Sure All Users are Safe

      A viewport is more than just a window. It is also a protective barrier between the vacuum chamber and the external environments.

      To ensure the safety of everyone working with the chamber, you must ensure your viewport is up to the task.

      There are many instances of hazardous processes taking place inside a chamber, and if there are cracks or your viewport isn’t fitted correctly, you could be exposing the operators to these hazards.

      A good viewport is built to withstand all the different pressures and temperatures that constantly change in a vacuum chamber without letting any of the internal substances out into the external environment, thus making it safe to use and keeping all potential safety risks under control.

      Durable and Built to Last

      The final reason it is important that you use a high quality, vacuum viewport, is that you will be getting a product that is made to be durable and built to last.

      This means that in a couple of years time you won’t find yourself searching for a new one.

      These viewports are exposed to a lot, and if they aren’t up for the task, they can quickly show signs of degradation and structural issues.

      You need a viewport that always stays clear to look through, maintains it’s structural integrity, shows no wear (especially at the seals) and does all of this for a long time.

      Vacuum chambers are used thoroughly many times in many different settings, so finding something that is ready for continuous use and many different changes in environment is vital to make sure you can keep performing your processeses without any issues along the way.

      Vacuum Viewports from Moore’s Glassworks

      If you’re looking for a high quality, custom vacuum viewports then why not check out the products at Moore’s Glassworks.

      Our experienced glassblowers have access to innovative auto-lathes and can manufacture viewports that are always built to last and the perfect measurements.

      Want to know more? Then get in touch with our team today.


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